Research Digests

Welcome to our series of research digests summarising key findings and policy implications of our research. Our briefs offer in-depth explorations aimed at policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and anyone interested in fertility care. Uncover actionable insights that can inform decisions and drive positive change.

These concise briefs serve as a valuable resource, inviting you to engage with our research findings and contribute to the conversation surrounding fertility care. Stay tuned for thought-provoking digests that aim to inspire, inform, and shape the discourse on fertility care.

Evidence Gaps and Information Provision
Sharing Embryo videos with patients

Our first brief explores how IVF embryo development videos are shared with fertility patients. Many IVF clinics share time-lapse videos of developing embryos with their fertility patients. However, patients often receive little information
about what the videos show, which can leave them with unanswered questions about what the video means for their IVF treatment and may intensify the
emotional burden of an already trying experience. Our focus is to delve into solutions by providing essential context and timing insights.